A History of Doors

Published : 27/11/2014 14:37:35
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The door is such a common and assumed addition to a building - we don’t stop to consider that like every other architectural feature, it has a history and has developed over time. Going from the simplest version, made out of a single piece of wood, to elaborate and ornate doors found throughout Italy, doors have evolved from being a necessity to solve a simple problem to yet another way for humans to express their creativity.


What was the first recorded door? 

The earliest record we have dates back to ancient Egypt (as so many things do!) which is at the least 2500 years old. We see paintings that are on the sides of tombs depicting single and double sided doors which were probably made out of a single piece of wood, with no frame (in a climate such as Egypt’s there was no fear of warping).
We think that it’s fascinating that the earliest known ‘automatic door’ dates back to Heron of Alexandria (1st century CE) - while an automatic door that operated with a foot sensor was designed in China (somewhere in the region of 1400 years ago).
Where are we now?
Doors come in all shapes, sizes, uses, and designs - but it wouldn’t be right not to mention how the state of security doors has evolved to where it is now. We produce steel security doors that feature modern and sophisticated additions to make them the ultimate in security.
If you’re interested in history, check out our next blog post looking at the history of locks and door security!

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